18 results: Drama
Master KG Dragged For Winning His Latest Award
Fans are not impressed
"Ginimbi Is in Heaven"
He sent an important message
Macky 2 Fans Chastise Him For Filming Video Whilst Driving
Safety first!
Fans Accuse Mutale Mwanza Of Publicity Stunt After Social Media Rant
Is Mutale just teasing us?
Yo-Maps' Girlfriend Has A Bad Reputation
Is this a taste of her own medicine?
OC Osilliation Throws Shade At Kanye West
Ye took an 'L' and OC found it hilarious...
Police Interrrogate Mutale Mwanza Over ANOTHER Luxury Car Gift
Who could her blesser be?
B'Flow Puts "Shameless Liar" Minister On Blast!
Talk about disrespect!
Chanda Na Kay Attract Backlash For Supporting This Political Party
Will they regret their stance?
Monique: I Got A Protection Order Against Katlego
The saga continues
It Ended In Tears For Master KG
He was trolled for his looks
Wezi Speaks Out Against Police Brutality In Zambia
Africa is bleeding!, claims the singer...
Drama! Master KG & Mafikizolo Not Cleared To Perform In Rally This Weekend
Sadly the show may have to go on without them...
Wezi Claps Back At Pregnancy Rumours: "I've Gained A Lot Of Weight"
"I'm thick for the summer", says the singer...
Fans Concerned For Bobby East After He Posts Tweet About Giving Up
The singer just can't shake off his feelings...
Afia Schwar Reacts To Rumours That She Has Abandoned Her Father
Afia has set the record straight...