Dambisa Has A Little Secret To Share With Fellow Pregnant Women

How does she maintain such good skin during her pregnancy?

By  | May 07, 2022, 06:27 PM 

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Dambisa who’s one of Zambia’s heavyweights in music surprised many when she revealed her pregnancy online. The star went on to shock her fans, even more, a few days ago when she revealed what she plans to do with her placenta after giving birth. And just when we think that is enough, more developments from her pregnancy resurface. The musician has recently been sharing ways to enjoy one’s pregnancy without worrying about tummy scarring and birthmarks.

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Dambisa whose real name is Michelle Lucia Dambisa is a big name in the Zambian music scene, she dubs herself the queen of Dancehall music and has a number of hits up her sleeves such as Didido, Kaduka Chain, and Kuti Umvele to name a few.

In March, the A Woman Can Shine son writer shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram to her many fans and followers with the caption, “Let the sun rise with you… all that is pure be your portion. Love makes it all better. Good morning.” And fans started sending messages of love, encouragement, and congratulatory messages as well. She has since continued to share stunning pictures of her maternity to her 234K Instagram followers and they keep stanning on the singer’s bun.

Today, the Dance hall artist switched it up when she shared images of her belly out and proud without a single scar or stretch marks. In the Instagram post, she wrote a caption that reads, “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, in my hands and on this table are products that I have been using to minimize the visibility of my stretch marks during my pregnancy.” It continued to read, “Help me unveil this by guessing what products you think have been working for me. First [person] to give the correct answer will win K100 of talk time each,” she urged followers.

She has become one of the few celebrities that are not keeping their pregnancies to themselves but is sharing them with fans, and followers and also helping fellow pregnant ladies out there as well. Recently, she took to Facebook to make a shocking announcement about her plans for her placenta right after pregnancy and many were left gagged. The singer wrote, "After a long debate with my doctor I have come to the conclusion that is gonna have to eat my placenta after giving birth  for health benefits.”

Fans have also commended Dambisa for being open and honest about her pregnancy journey and for maintaining honest and transparent standards in beauty compared to many local and international celebrities. She has written about the many body changes during her pregnancy and urged her followers to not lose any self-esteem should they also find themselves in that position, but embrace the change.

"Being a woman comes with a lot of worries …. Your body changing from what it is to another shell. As for me, part of my worry is not being able to show skin cause of visible stretch marks and scars…… hence I have been so smart about it for a long time.  I have a beautiful secret to share with my ladies on how I have been avoiding stretch marks n saggy skin. It’s my little 

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