Dambisa Makes A Shocking Announcement

She reveals what she plans on doing with the placenta after giving birth

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 11:16 AM 

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Dambisa is one of the country's most influential musicians. Sis has been in the industry for several years and she continues to make boss moves in her illustrious music career.

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Over the years she has successfully dabbled between music and acting and everything she touches turns to gold. The singer recently announced that she has a bun baking in her sexy oven and hasn't shied away from showing off her baby bump on social media. Fans have been treated to her stunning pregnancy photos that perfectly show off her baby bump.

Her pregnancy pictures make pregnancy look cute, so one might be tempted to get pregnant after seeing them.

Taking to her Facebook page, she made a shocking announcement about what she plans on doing with the placenta after giving birth.

"After a long debate with my doctor I have come to conclusion that am gonna have to eat my placenta after giving birth  for health benefits," she wrote.

The singer recently opened up about not being able to flaunt her skin. It is always inspiring to see celebrities encouraging people to depict their true selves on Instagram and to remember that things like stretch marks and cellulitis are natural.

Others even go as far as sharing products they use to tackle their stretch marks. She said she has a secret to share on how she has been avoiding this.

"Being a woman comes with a lot to worries …. Your body changing from what it is to another shell. As for me, part of my worry is not being able to show skin cause of visible stretch marks and scars…… hence I have been so smart about it for a long time.  I have a beautiful secret to share with my ladies on how I have been avoiding stretch marks n saggy skin. It’s my little secret, but I am willing to share it with you all; just as I got rid of my pimple skin, I have been doing it with my entire body too," she wrote.

A lot of ladies definitely look forward to the secret with hopes that it will also help them. We cannot meet her bundle of joy.

Image Cred: Instagram// @dambisazambia
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