Fans Concerned For Bobby East After He Posts Tweet About Giving Up

The singer just can't shake off his feelings...

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 03:16 PM  | Bobby East  | Drama

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David Phiri aka Daev's death has affected many Zambian artists - and his close friends seem to be the hardest hit...

Bobby East, a fellow rapper and CEO of the label XYZ under which Daev was represented, has also spoken out about his feelings of sadness and hopelessness following the star's tragic death.

In a sombre tweet; Bobby voiced his dismay that many people had only supported the singer at his funeral, and not when he was alive and well

He tweeted; "So much work goes in for lil or no reward, in fact most times only thing you get is ridicule.... I wish my boy had as many people at his concerts as he did at his funeral.."

Then came the shocker...Bobby claimed that the whole experience had left him depressed and questioning his career as he seriously considered hanging up the mic.

He added; "My heart has been heavy for a while.. Might be time to close this chapter and look to other things.."

Like Bobby, fans were just as heartbroken, offering him words of comfort...

Others encouraged him not to give up on his talent...

Let's pray time heals all things and that Bobby has a change of heart!

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