Chanda Na Kay Attract Backlash For Supporting This Political Party

Will they regret their stance?

By  | Oct 28, 2020, 11:32 AM  | Drama

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For many celebrities, steering clear of topics like politics and the endorsement of politicians is a must - especially when their legion of fans are concerned...

However Zambia music duo Chanda Na Kay have thrown caution to the wind when it comes to this advice and have publicly thrown support behind the country's Patriotic Front (PF) party and the president Edgar Lungu.

Not only have the hip hop singers performed at the political party's rally, but they've also recorded a song encouraging the public to VOTE for them come election time in 2021.

Titled Uyowine Ulipo, the campaign song is all about getting Zambians dancing....straight to the polling stations to mark their vote.

Watch it below...
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But despite fans slamming them for their stance, the group have claimed it is their 'right' to support who they wish and have even defended the party for providing a number of empowerment opportunities to the youth and public.

Do you think Chanda Na Kay are making the right career moves?

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