Fans Accuse Mutale Mwanza Of Publicity Stunt After Social Media Rant

Is Mutale just teasing us?

By  | Nov 11, 2020, 07:49 AM  | Drama

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Fans have accused Mutale Mwanza of using a publicity stunt to get their attention after she supposedly teased details of having an angry rant on social media...

The media personality and MC posted a cryptic message on Instagram, where she alluded to "spilling the tea" about a rival in the industry.

Alongside a pic of her superimposed on a fully-armed superhero's body, the star wrote; "This man thinks I’m stupid! I will turn this country upside down if you’re playing with me !

Mutale then claimed she would reveal later in the evening during a Facebook Live session.

"I am going live on FB at 20hrs this evening & I’ll spill the beans ! You wanna play games ? Teine Bingo! Lelo mwalamwenako!", she added.

However fans were both confused and unfazed about all the drama.

Many had no clue what all the fuss was about...

Others laughed the whole thing off...

Whilst some believed Mutale was drumming up attention to encourage Zambians to register to vote in the upcoming 2021 elections.

Do you think Mutale is playing tricks on us...or is there some serious tea brewing?

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Image credit: Instagram @mutalemwanzamedia
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