The Mutale Mwanza And Esther Chungu Beef

No one saw this one coming

By  | Apr 24, 2022, 01:18 PM  | Mutale Mwanza  | Drama

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Having varying opinions and views on certain topics can often cause people and friends to fallout either privately or in some rare cases publicly. As much as we may hate to admit it, we all love a good celebrity beef and recently, we have had the opportunity to witness it all play out between some of our fav famous faces Mutale Mwanza and Esther Chungu.

Earlier this year, Mutale Mwanza and Esther Chungu had a public squabble on marriage views and this is how it all went down.

The Clash

The two personalities have not been in good books with each other recently, this started after they had a difference in opinions about marriage and getting married, and both celebrities could not hold their cool as they expressed their perspective on the matter. This took place during an entertainment promo and advertisement for the Zambezi Tuvwange Lifestyle show.

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On the show, Mwanza is confident to highlight that her key interest in marriage is money and that one can learn to love afterwards. However, Esther contradicted Mwanza’s view by quoting bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4 that says “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast..”

Following Esthers’ quote, Mutale jokingly refers to her as the spokesman for all Christians in Zambia, adding that Esther has only been married for 5 minutes and now claims to be an expert on the topic.

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Clearly the two were looking at the topic from two different viewpoints, Mutale, from that of safety and Esther from that of a strong Christian foundation. The two could not handle their difference in opinion amicably and this resulted in a series of insults and harsh words thrown at each other. 

The incident quickly reached social media and netizens and the online community were quick to weigh in on the matter also with many divided views. One side of the internet believes Mutale was attempting to publicly demean and embarrass Chungu. The other side claims Esther is being 'holier-than-thou,' and that she is not speaking truthfully and others think the whole event was a well-executed publicity stunt

Mutale Mwanza

As a TV and radio personality, program producer, entrepreneur and voice over artist, Mutale Mwanza has made a name for herself within the Zambian media and entertainment industry. Born and raised in Kitwe, Mutale is a journalism graduate and amongst other gigs has hosted the Breakfast show on Flava FM for over 4 years now.

Picture source: @mutalemwanzamedia Instagram

Esther Chungu 

Multi award winning recording and performing gospel artist Esther is no stranger to the music and entertainment industry. She rose to prominence following the release of her single Shooting star and has since become a household name. The musician has achieved a lot in her career and some highlights include representing Zambia in Burundi at a performing arts festival, being nominated and winning numerous awards and sharing a stage with Coldplay in New York performing at Beyonce’s Global Citizen concert.

Picture source: @itsestherchungu Instagram

Although the incident got messy on screen, the two have not yet made up but both Mutale Mwanza and Esther Chung have moved on and chosen to focus on their careers with no ill will against each other.

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