Roberto’s Latest Promotional Image Gets Dragged

Where are the hunks?!

By  | Nov 30, 2020, 07:22 PM  | Drama

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Zambian musician, Roberto, took to Instagram today, 30 November 2020 to share a promotional post about his upcoming project release. Titled Security, the suspected music videolaunch is scheduled to take place on Friday, 4 December 2020, and is said to take on a security theme. He stated, “This Friday, 4th December 2020. Officially arresting the Game. SECURITY IS HERE.” 

The promotional image showed the award-winning rapper siting in a throne, dressed in a yellow hoodie which had the Security title printed across his chest. As he sat as the King of his castle, Roberto was surrounded by six men, who were made to look as though they were his ‘security’ guards. The men posed shirtless, wearing only jeans and sneakers, with their boxes hanging out. Each one of them held onto gold poles, which matched the colour scheme of his throne. 

Fans were unimpressed by his choice of men used in the promotional poster, with many believing that they were WAY out of shape. His followers questioned why he had chosen these six men in particular, as surely there were others with better bodies. Some of the body-shaming comments included; “Just asking – did you choose these guys so we don’t look elsewhere?”, and a Twitter post which stated, “Nice, but would have been better to have the Gents around you in Uniform Attire thought with them six packs.” 

Roberto is no stranger to receiving hate on social media, and has repeatedly expressed his disinterest in trolls. In mid-November, he took to Twitter to share some advice with up and coming artists who may get discouraged by the hate, drawing from his own experiences. He also spoke about being hounded by business owners for him to share their work, which is what set off his most recent outburst.

What angered Roberto the most is the seemingly ungrateful response from some of his fans who feel entitled to his attention and have since been nagging him to do their work for them. Roberto managed to hustle hard to be where he is and he made sure to remind his fans that crying and whining doesn't bring any results. Despite him making it on his own, one can't ignore that his brother, David Banda is the one who inspired him to pursue music. David has always looked out for Roberto and giving him sound and solid advice about the music industry. Roberto listened to his brother, but he did not want to be known as General Ozzy’s brother, he wanted to make his own mark in the industry.

Picture credit: Tiptronic Media
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