Trina South Accused Of Skin Lightening

She looks quite different…

By  | Dec 07, 2020, 05:29 PM  | Drama

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Zambian singer, Trina South, has gained prominence in the country’s music scene as she vocally promotes Africanism and woman empowerment. The Boyfriend creator has also been praised for her striking beauty which has been emphasised by a rich melanin skin which is often likened to the quintessential African woman. 

Considering all that she stands for in the Zambian music space, Trina has come under fire for her recent Instagram post which saw her looking much lighter than she did before. Dressed in a black sequenced top with a match belt, the singer matched her bright red skirt to her prominent eyes. She also swapped out her classic braids for a shorter, much curlier wig, that gave her a completely new look.

With all the changes, what caught the eye of many of her followers was her drastically lightened skin. It is unclear if her new shade is due to the natural lightening or if she had done something chemically, but many of her followers noted that her entire body looked lighter and not just her face. 

In late November 2020, Trina was yet another topic of discussion when she reposted an image of Ester Chungu and Pompi from their engagement as a way of publicly congratulating them. Whilst it was intended to be an innocent post for her well wishes, many accused her of trying to make it look as though she was the one who had gotten engagement. 

Using an image where Ester had covered her face, Trina was mistaken for the newly-engaged woman by multiple people, who began congratulating her as well. Followers then questioned why Trina had not clarified that it was not her in the image, and accused her of trying to lap up the attention.

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