Wezi Claps Back At Pregnancy Rumours: "I've Gained A Lot Of Weight"

"I'm thick for the summer", says the singer...

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 03:19 PM  | Drama

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Wezi has clapped back at rumours she is pregnant, insisting it is far from the truth...

The award-winning singer responded to body-shamers who taunted over her recent weight gain and who have speculated there may be a bun in the oven.

But the star claims it's all down to her "gaining a lot of weight"- and her reasons why are pretty relatable

Addressing the rumours in a Facebook post, Wezi wrote; "The reason why I react to certain things is because I refuse to suffer in silence. I’ve gained a lot of weight and that’s why all those rumors spread and that came with lots of body shaming!"

Wezi claimed that Covid-19 and lockdown had affected her mobility and healthy eating habits.

She continued; "The Covid-19 regulations kept me indoors for months and I only stepped out to work, of course it was inevitable to gain weight.

But the Take My Heart singer vowed not to let critics get under her skin and embraced her new body

She added; "Some harsh comments about how I’m not supposed to have a pot belly and stuff are clearly intended to make me feel bad about my weight gain. The truth is simple, I owe nobody a small tummy or a slimmer body!

"I’m thick for the summer and that’s how I like it, it’s my body at the end of the day but thanks so much for the pouring of opinions. Just know that I’ll gain and lose weight on my terms!!!

We love you and think you're beautiful in any shape or size!

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