What Did You Hear About Iris Kaingu And Chanda?

Real entanglement or just rumours?

By  | Jun 05, 2022, 12:38 PM  | Drama

Iris Kaingu
The Iris Kaingu and Chanda’s story is one that dominated our news feeds for weeks in 2020 and although there were so many rumours going on about the two, we never really got to the bottom of it. To understand the story, you first need to know who Iris Kaingu and Chanda Kabwe are.

Iris Kaingu is a prominent public figure from Zambia. She is the daughter of Former Cabinet Minister Dr Michael Kaingu. She is also an entrepreneur in the hotel business and a politician having contested PF for an MP seat on PF.

Despite coming from a prominent family, Iris Kaingu was relatively unknown in the public domain until 2012 after her s*x tape was leaked and just like that, her name became the talk of the town. 

And although it’s been years since her infamous tape was leaked and Iris has accomplished a lot of great things, the internet never forgets and when her name is mentioned that’s the first thing that comes to people’s minds.

Chanda Kabwe on the other hand is the former Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator. 

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane and discover what really happened between Iris Kaingu and Chanda Kabwe.

What really happened between Iris Kaingu and Chanda?

Chanda and Iris Kaingu, source: Facebook

In 2020, rumours circulated that Iris Kaingu and Chanda Kabwe were romantically involved and although the exact source of this wild rumour is quite hard to pin down, the story was spun to unimaginable levels.

Some publications reported that the lovestruck Chanda had rented an apartment for Iris Kaingu in Chudleigh and they were spending so much time together, that Chanda was even considering leaving his wife and marrying the young politician.

While both Iris Kaingu and Chanda did not respond to the allegations, a couple of months later, the rumour died down and it was reported that the alleged relationship was over and Iris Kaingu had moved on.

Who is Iris Kaingu currently dating?

Iris Kaingu, source: Facebook

It is not clear who the gorgeous  Iris Kaingu is currently dating, and although her dating list is quite short, it features some prominent names that include the richest and most famous rappers in Zambia.

According to some sources, Iris Kaingu was once in a relationship with Slap Dee and Macky 2, at different stages of her life. 

At some point in 2020, reports came up that Iris Kaingu was in a relationship with controversial Nigerian preacher known as Andrew Seer1. This story and along with stories about her with Chanda, Slap Dee, and Macky 2 have all not been verified of course, and at this point, they are just rumours.

Iris Kaingu’s current projects

Iris Kaingu, source: Facebook

In 2021, the entrepreneur/ social influencer/ philanthropist added a new title to her name- politician when she vied for the Mwandi parliamentary seat and although she lost the race, she did make her mark on the political scene and we expect to see her again in future.

Iris Kaingu currently has her hands full running her chain of hotels and lodges as well as running her charitable organization “Iris Kaingu Foundation.”

The young beauty who has been on the receiving end of a lot of cyberbullies recently got arrested after she was reported to the police for allegedly dressing inappropriately in a see-through dress that left nothing to the imagination.

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