Fans Mock Yo-Maps New Range Of Merch

"You can't be good at everything," claimed one fan...

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 03:16 PM  | Fashion

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Yo-Maps has just released a new range of merchandise - a cool and colourful set of hoodies bearing his name...

...except there may be one (at least the majority of them) absolutely HATE them!

The singer revealed his new fashion line on Facebook to his almost 500k strong followers, who immediately voiced their

Here are some of the items Yo is giving fans an opportunity to buy...

Unfortunately it doesn't look good for the Kumoba singer if the response from his potential market is anything to go by.

"I can't wear this hood it's awful please,", claimed one fan, whilst another added; "Your colors are horrible...your music is lit but that hoodie is ugly"

A third added; "Take it easy munzani , because you sing well doesn't mean we want all our clothes written with your can't be good at everything"

And so it went on and on....and on!

What do you think of Yo-Maps's hoodies - is it a hot yes, or a hell no?

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Image credit: Facebook @yomapsyo

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