Meet Former President Lungu's Second Wife

Meet the former first family of Zambia

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Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu is a politician who served as the president of Zambia from 2015 to 2021 when he handed over power to President Hakainde Hichilema.

Like most prominent politicians, Edgar Lungu’s personal life is a mystery to many and is a subject of many speculations and rumours.

This article discusses everything there is to know about Edgar Lungu’s wife, his children, and the rumour about Edgar Lungu’s second wife.

Edgar Lungu’s wife

Former president Edgar Lungu and his wife Esther, source: Mwebuntu

Edgar Lungu’s wife is Esther Nyawa Lungu. She served as the first lady of Zambia between the 25th of January 2015 and the 24th of August 2021 when her husband was in office as the president of the country.

According to sources, Esther was born on the 2nd of June 1961 to Agnes and Island Phiri and was named Esther Phiri. She grew up in the Eastern Province and was raised in the Catholic faith.

Edgar Lungu and his wife- Esther got married in 1986 and they both converted to the Baptism faith where they found a common ground.

Although her first passion was to be a nurse as she desired to help save lives when she later realized that it would be hard for her to deal with sick people without breaking down, she changed her mind and decided to pursue a secretarial career.

In 2018, the former first lady enrolled at the University of Zambia to pursue a degree programme in Special Education under the Institute of Distance Education. She explained that her choice of degree was influenced by her passion to help the disadvantaged in the community.

As part of her vision to address issues relating to economic empowerment, maternity, children, neo-natal health, and water sanitation, Esther Lungu founded the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust (ELFT) in December 2015.

On the 1st of July 2022, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) seized 15 flats in Lusaka’s State Lodge area belonging to former first lady- Esther Lungu for allegedly being the proceeds of crime. She appeared before the DEC for questioning in relation to the seized flats on the 26th of July 2022.

Edgar Lungu’s children

Edgar Lungu with his daughter Tasila during her wedding, source: Lusaka Times

In their more than 30 years of marriage, Edgar Lungu and his wife Esther have been blessed with six children.

Despite having prominent parents, Lungu’s children have maintained a low profile and not much is known about them except for their son Daliso Lungu who reportedly works at the  Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) as a Customs Officer and his sister Tasila Lungu who is the current MP for Chawama Constituency.

Does Edgar Lungu have a second wife?

Over the years, there have been rumours about the former head of state having a second wife allegedly identified as Ruth Nyanga who is reportedly a former employee of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

Although the narrative of Edgar Lungu’s second wife has spun over the years to a point that there were rumours that the president was headed for divorce from the former first lady, neither the former president nor the former first lady have commented on the rumour and as it stands, Edgar Lungu has only one officially recognized wife- Esther Lungu.
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