Mutale Mwanza's Husband - Mystery Man

Is she officially off the market?

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Mutale Melissa Mwanza was born on the 22nd of October 1987 in the bustling industrious city of Kitwe in the CopperBelt province. She was unlike your average and from a young age stood out and had her eyes set out for greatness from the get go. Mutale went to Nkana Trust School, the same school as her older sister, for her primary education for seven years from 1993 to 1999. After graduating from Nkana Trust in 1999, she attended Ibenga Convent School, where she finished her secondary education in 2014.

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After secondary, Mutale went to Zamtel College where she obtained a diploma in business administration. The media personality is the definition of beauty and brains and growing up she wanted to be a lawyer. However, at that time Mutale could not afford law school and fate seemed to have different plans for her. She later joined Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF) where she graduated with a diploma in journalism and she began using her talents as an articulate, outgoing and charismatic personality to make money.

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In 2007 she landed her first job in media as a radio presenter on Flava Fm, she held that position for 4 years before moving to Hot FM, Zambia’s biggest radio station, in the same capacity. Mutale worked her way to the top at Hot FM and quickly became a household name, hosting the breakfast show. With her good looks and booming career the question of who is Mutale Mwanza’s husband quickly became a hot topic of discussion.

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Her transition from radio to TV was seamless and the media personality was not only a natural in front of the camera but she also had the ability to captivate an audience, landing her first gig . 


By virtue of her work in the public eye, Mutale has had quite her fair share of drama and controversy. Just recently she had a public squabble with award winning songbird, Esther Chungu. Another time her name was making rounds on the streets for the wrong reasons was when she posted a series of expensive cars and the M-nation (her fans) could not figure out if the gifts were from a secret admirer, a blesser or Mutale Mwanza’s husband. 

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Mutale gave those rumors a quick death when she let the M-nation and haters alike know that the cars were a gift to herself from her own pocket. Mutale is also very private when it comes to her personal dating life however her view on marriage is quite clear - marry for money and stability and love can come after.

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Mutale Mwanza’s Husband

Even with all the blesser rumors and secrecy around her romantic love life, we can safely confirm that as at the time of this article, the media was not legally married to anyone. This means Mutale Mwanza’s husband does not currently exist but hopefully in the future one lucky man will carry that title with pride.

Picture source: @mutalemwanzamedia Instagram

Mutale continues to break barriers within the Zambian entertainment industry and she is not slowing down anytime soon. The media personality continues to secure her bag with brand partnerships and endorsements, hosting Kumwesu, the lifestyle and entertainment show on Zambezi Magic and hustles that continue to keep her bank account looking healthy.

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