Meet Rich Bizzy's Wife And Beautiful Family

Such a beautiful family

By  | Jun 22, 2022, 03:26 PM  | Rich Bizzy  | Relationships

Rich Bizzy
Born Rich Chilufya in the early 1980s in Kitwe, Rich Bizzy is an award-winning musician known for his smooth vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Since kickstarting his music career in 2011, Rich Bizzy has blessed us with some great hits including Chibanyonge, Bend Down and Dangote and he has made his name known both locally and internationally over the years.

But while we have seen Rich Bizzy’s career thrive, a few may wonder if the same can be said about his personal life. 

If you are one of the people who’ve been wondering if Rich Bizzy is married and who Rich Bizzy’s wife is, then here are all the answers you are seeking.

Rich Bizzy’s wife

Rich Bizzy's wife, source: Facebook

In 2021, rumours circulated that Rich Bizzy had gotten walked down the aisle and gotten married. The rumours emerged after pictures of Rich Bizzy and his “bride” in wedding outfits and a wedding setup made rounds.

The artist denied the wedding rumours and explained that the pictures online were part of his wedding-themed music video for his hit song Chibanyonge.

It appears that Rich Bizzy did not get married in 2021 but we can confirm that indeed he is married and that there is a special woman in Rich Bizzy’s life.

The woman in question, aka Rich Bizzy’s wife, is a beautiful and well-educated woman. Very little is known about her including even her name since she has chosen to stay away from the limelight.

It is unclear when or where Rich Bizzy and his wife first met and for how long they’ve been married. The two, however, are raising a beautiful family of two children.

Not one to share much of his private life on social media, from time to time, Rich Bizzy sneaks in a couple of beautiful pictures of his family to celebrate their big days like birthdays. The mother of his children celebrates her birthday every year on July 7th and Rich Bizzy always remembers to leave a special message for her.

Rich Bizzy's wife's graduation, source: Facebook

Besides knowing that Rich Bizzy's wife is a beautiful mother, we also know that she is educated. In October 2021, she graduated from university and Rich Bizzy took to social media to share a cute photo of himself with his wife and daughter.

Rich Bizzy’s children

Rich Bizzy with his daughter, source: Facebook

Rich Bizzy and his wife have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. Their firstborn daughter is called Clara. She is only five years old but already has a promising career as a model.

The name of Rich Bizzy’s second daughter has not been revealed yet and neither has her age. The little one however has a striking resemblance to both her mother and big sister and she celebrates her birthdays every 16th of February.

Rich Bizzy loves his daughters and from time to time posts photos of himself with his little girls whom he refers to as his princesses and we think they make an adorable family.

Rich Bizzy’s parents and siblings

Rich Bizzy's family, source: Facebook

Although it is widely known that Rich Bizzy was born and raised in Kitwe East, very little is known about Rich Bizzy’s parents and siblings.

The musician however shared a throwback photo of himself with his mother, brothers and grandfather. Check it out above.
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