Who Is Towela Kaira's Husband?

Is she married?

By  | May 26, 2022, 02:30 PM  | Relationships

Towela Kaira, Who is Towela Kaira
The gifted award-winner- Towela Kaira came to the limelight a few short years ago and in that short time, she has been able to create a name so big that is known beyond the borders of Zambia.

Towela who is a microbiology graduate comes from a musical family and two of her siblings are among the biggest musicians in Zambia.

Since she is currently a public figure, and a beautiful songstress we might add, Towela Kaira’s personal life has been a subject of discussion and speculation, especially from secret admirers.

If you’ve been wondering who Towela Kaira’s husband is, and whether or not she is married in the first place, then here are all the answers to your questions. 

Who is Towela Kaira’s husband?

Towela Kaira with her alleged boyfriend, source: Nkani

As of May 2022, sources indicate that Towela Kaira is not married. Although there is no Towela Kaira’s husband right now some sources report that the talented musician has been in a serious relationship for some time now.

The identity of her boyfriend has not been revealed to the public as Towela is quite private about her personal life.

Towela Kaira’s child and baby daddy

Towela Kaira's child's birthday, source: Facebook

Besides being a musician, Towela Kaira has another very important job. She is a mother of a beautiful little girl called Arielle who was born in January 2017.

The father of Towela Kaira’s daughter is Musubila Mumpangwe who is also a musician and a fashion and arts enthusiast.

Towela and Musubila Mumpangwe used to be an item some time back and when they welcomed their first daughter together, we expected them to get married. Unfortunately, things did not work out between them and they broke up. The two remain to be good friends and co-parents to their daughter.

Towela Kaira’s family

Towela Kaira's bothers Macky 2 and Chef 187, source: Instagram

Towela Kaira comes from a musical family. Her older brothers- Macky 2 (Mulaza Kaira) and Chef 187 (Kondwani Kaira) are established musicians in Zambia’s music industry.

Along with having separate successful music careers, the three siblings have worked together to create great hits including Delay which was a huge success.

While it could have been easy for Towela to remain under her brothers’ shadows and to be known as just Macky 2 or Chef 187’s sister, the beautiful has worked hard to ensure that her music and brand are known independently from her siblings.

Both Macky 2 and Chef 187 are married and have children, it is not clear whether Towela has any plans of settling down and getting married but for now she seems focused on her career and raising her daughter.

Details about Towela Kaira’s other siblings and parents are not available at the moment but it appears that her other siblings have not ventured into music.

Towela Kaira’s current projects

In 2020, Towela Kaira got signed by Nexus music Entertainment under which she has released a couple of songs.

Towela is currently working on her album. Her most recent songs are You and On My Own in which she collaborated with Cleo Ice Queen

As one of the fastest-rising artists in the country, we expect more great hits from this sensational musician in the coming months.
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