All There Is To Know About Ginimbi's Death

He will be given an all-white send-off

By  | Nov 12, 2020, 02:53 PM

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The Southern African club scene will not be the same again as the fallen socialite Genius 'Ginimbi' Kadungure will be laid at his final resting place on Sunday, November 15. Family, friends and associates will be paying their last respects giving him a send-off fit for the flamboyant businessman.

His death
Genius Ginimbi Kadungure Passes On

The world woke up to the news of his passing on November 8 2020, and the horrific images of his lifeless body circulated all over social media. His three friends Limumba Karim, Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Umali and Alichia Adams were burnt beyond recognition and images of their burnt bodies still made rounds on social media.

Domboshava Mansion
Ginimbi's Mansion To Become A Hotel

Ginimbi wants his name to live on forever, therefore his final wishes were to have his huge mansion turned into a hotel, as well as a life-size statue of him to be erected.

Zari's Best Friend To Inherit Ginimbi's Mansion

Ginimbi’s ex-lover Zodwa Mkandla is set to inherit the Domboshava mansion, but his final wishes were to turn it into a hotel.

The women
Photos Of The Beautiful Women Who Died With Ginimbi

The ladies who had died in the accident were Moana who was a fitness bunny and vixen as well as Alichia who was an influencer and entrepreneur.

How Ginimbi's Friend Predicted Her Own Death

A video has surfaced showing her talking about her suffocating. This eventually happened as the car being driven by Ginimbi hit a tree and burst into flames.

One Of The Women Who Died With Ginimbi Was Pregnant

Birthday girl and recently engaged Moana was pregnant at the time of her passing. She was 6 weeks pregnant.

The Malawian Fugitive

Everything We Know About Karim Limumba

Karim was a wanted fugitive, in connection with the country’s biggest corruption scandal. He found refuge in South Africa.

The all-white funeral
Ginimbi's Funeral Will Be An All-White Affair

His final wishes was for all his family, friends and associates to pay their final wishes dressed in all white. He was also famous for his all white parties.

Dark Magic
Did Ginimbi Use Snakes To Gain Wealth?

His way of living as long as his extreme wealth was questioned by many and the way in which he died raised many questions for a lot of conspiracy theorists. He is said to have sold his soul to gain wealth.

His Cars
Ginimbi's Luxury Car Collection in Pictures

Some of these car purchases had landed him in trouble with the law due to fraud charges on duty calculations. He had quiet the collection but his purple Rolls Royce was the one to sadly take away his life.