Famous Faces Living With HIV

In commemoration of World Aids Day

By  | Dec 02, 2020, 09:16 AM

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December 1 is used to commemorate the more than 41.5 million people who have succumbed to HIV/Aids, for World Aids Day. A few prominent people have taken the courage to disclose their statuses.

Below are some of the very few African celebrities who have made their statuses public:


Enock Ngoma

The Times Of Zambia journalist, Enock had publicly disclosed his status. He would dedicate his Sunday columns solely to HIV/Aids so that he raises awareness.

Just Slim

Musician Paul Banda wanted to use him music and artistry to raise awareness about the virus. The musician told Zambian Daily Mail that his health started to deteriorate when he was just 15 years of age.

Other celebs include:

Lilian Chigona

South Africa

Criselda Kanada

who has been living with the virus for more than two decades took to her Instagram page to open up about how this year was the hardest ever since was diagnosed with HIV.

Phindile Sithole

The TV presenter for SABC 1's Rise Up found out at the age of 19 that she had the virus. Her then boyfriend left her when he accused her of potentially "killing" him with the virus.

Other prominent South Africans include:

Thabang Sefatsa

A former footballer who revealed his status before retiring from the game.


Barbara Kemigisa

The artist from Kampala, Uganda is a single mother and an activist. She is using her artistry to raise awareness to the disease.

Moses Nsubuga

He has openly slammed many artists in Uganda who are willingly not taking their medication and go around spreading the disease. The radio presenter and musician has always been vocal about his struggles with HIV.

Other famous names include:

Aloysius Matovu


Joyce Dzidzor

An actress and musician who openly admitted to be living with HIV said to DSTV's Africa Magic, that a church member gave her the virus. "I have lived with HIV/AIDS virus for seven years now. I contacted the disease in 2007. But I'm just a normal person," she said.


Adebisi Alimi

The Nollywood actor allegedly admitted to have contracted the virus and said he lost a lot of TV roles because of his diagnosis.

Other famous names include:

Hanks Anuku

Kenny  Badmus

Bisi Alimi


Joji Biro

A gospel artist who is also homosexual. He is not ashamed of his status and has boldly stated it.

Here are other celebs:

Richard Amuok


George Kihara was actually the first Kenyan celebrity to confess to having the virus and then others followed suit.


Emma Tuahepa

Emma is famous for being the first ever Namibian woman to disclose her HIV status. She then became an HIV activist who spread awareness about the virus.


Ray C

Singer Ray C left her followers shook when she disclosed her HIV test results on her social media. She explained that she had one this in order to raise awareness and encourage others to get tested.

She was also allegedly a drug addict.


Tendayi Westerhof

Tendayi slammed celebrities in Zimbabwe for not speaking out and revealing their status. She believes that people who are of a certain celebrity status have the power to educate people. The model and businesswoman revealed her status in 2003.

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