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Sampa the Great, Sampa the Great net worth
Born on 9th August 1993 in Zambia, Sampa Tembo aka Sampa The Great is an Australia-based rapper and songwriter, who at barely 30 years has already tasted more success than a lot of people ever do in their entire lives.

Sampa The Great is the third of five children in her home. Together with her siblings, she was raised in their early years in Zambia before moving to Botswana.

This article discusses Sampa The Great's net worth, her career as a musician, as well as her endorsement deals, both of which contribute to her wealth.

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What is Sampa The Great's net worth?

Sampa The Great, source: Instagram

According to several online sources, Sampa The Great’s net worth is estimated to be around 3 to 5 million dollars. This makes her one of the wealthiest musicians of Zambian heritage. There is still no indication as to what the exact number is for her net worth because of her private nature.

Although she is very active on the social scene and on social media, Sampa The Great keeps her private life private. She is definitely not the show-off type, especially in regards to what she owns including cars or mansions.

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Sampa The Great music career

Sampa The Great, source: Instagram

The greatest contributor to Sampa The Great's net worth is her successful music career.

Sampa was well exposed to arts like singing and poems at a very early age together with her siblings by their parents. Her mother was a dancer while her father was a part-time DJ.

She studied music for visual media in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University and she also completed a degree in audio engineering at SAE Institute in 2015. 

With several albums and international awards on her name, she has become a household name in Australia and also back in Zambia where she still enjoys a huge following to date.

In June 2022, Sampa the Great announced that she would be going on a European Tour in October 2022. The tour includes several cities across the continent of Europe including London, Paris, Barcelona, and Hamburg among others. To pull off such a tour requires some level of financial maturity and planning that goes to show just how far she has come and the moves she can now be able to make given her status.

Although she is based in Australia, Sampa always acknowledges her roots and regards her family and community back in Zambia and Botswana as the foundations of her success.

In April 2022, Sampa made history by becoming the first Zambian act to perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Such fetes cement her position as one of the most decorated and experienced musicians out of Zambia just at 27 years of age, and of course, it also has a positive impact on her net worth.

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Sampa The Great endorsements

Sampa The Great, source: Instagram

Part of Sampa The Great's net worth has been accumulated from her endorsement deals with big brands.

The Energy singer has about 142,000 subscribers at the time this article was published and she also enjoys a huge following on Instagram with 131,000 followers. This makes her a perfect brand for corporates to work with on advertisements and product promotions.

Social media platforms have become an important part of the showbiz business with a lot of creative, artists like Sampa included, using it as a means of earning serious money and pushing other brands or their own to their die-hard followers and subscribers. It has helped a lot of artists diversify their source of income and Sampa has not been left behind. She has in the recent past worked with several brands.

She just recently was involved in a campaign in collaboration with one of the leading Telco companies in Zambia- MTN Zambia. This among other projects just goes to show how deep in the bag she currently is. Working with brands like MTN guarantees good money in the bank account.

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