B-Flow Beefs Up His Security

After he was assaulted by PF Cadres

By  | Nov 20, 2020, 12:03 PM  | Brian B'Flow Bwembya  | Top of The

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Politics are getting tenser and tenser in the country, as staunch political followers have started to attack each other, including celebrities over political affiliations. Zambian musician, dancehall and hip hop artist, media personality, social commentator and justice advocate B-Flow was assaulted for his political views.

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According to Tweeps, the Zambian star was assaulted because of his ongoing battle with the government and holding them accountable to their promises to the masses. Now he has made sure to employ G Force Security in order to protect himself.

"My brother the Fresh Prince of Kabwe @bflowmusic has now got a security detail. Ilya yapa govt. complex yali ni fluck, chanku, I dare you to try and kembolize him now ba mwankole."

"In a democratic state people should not be afraid to voice out or get bodyguards for simply trying to hold the government accountable. Democracy is a game of questions and answers; those who don’t want to be answerable should not join it."
“I was invited to the premiere of a local movie at the Government Complex on Saturday evening. The event did not start at the exact time it was mentioned. When I was leaving, as I was trying to walk out going to the car park at Government Complex there are those long stairs opposite the Freedom Statue somewhere there, as I was going down, a certain boy just followed me and said ‘Mr Obama ta twa lyemo, give me something before you go."

"I just received a very hard slap on the left side of my face. I am turning round to say ‘guys what wrong have I done?’, I receive another slap on the same spot, the guys started punching me, I blocked them, they started to kick me, then a guy I know came and asked ‘what has B-Flow done?’, then they started saying these guys insult leaders, he should stop insulting leaders, he insults the President. That is when I realised that they are cadres, they said ‘us we are PF"

We are glad that he managed to escape that scary ordeal and that he has rather opted for security in order to protect his rights. We wish you a speedy recovery B-Flow and may find strength.

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