B'Flow's Net Worth And Sources Of Wealth

He might be the GOAT after all

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Brian Mumba Kasoka Bwembya, professionally known as B’Flow is a multi-award-winning musician from Zambia who is probably the most renowned internationally.

Besides his music, B’Flow also dabbles as a media personality, philanthropist, humanitarian, and advocate for social justice.

Since he embarked on his professional career, the talented personality has won the hearts of millions of hearts, including that of the former US president, earned prestigious awards, and made money from his talent and hard work.

Here is a look at B’Flow’s net worth, his career, background and what he is currently working on.

What is B’Flow’s net worth?

According to several online sources, B’Flow’s net worth is estimated at K1.7 and K2.5 million. He is one of the richest rappers in Zambia.

B’Flow’s music career

B'Flow, source: Facebook

B’Flow was born in 1986 and was raised by a single mother with the help of his grandmother who taught him how to speak and write in English, given that she was a teacher.

His love for music was heavily influenced by his background as he comes from a family of musicians and he is related to Ras Willie, Chris Mbewe of The Great Witch Band, and Anna Mwale of The Mwale Sisters. 

When he was eight years old, B’Flow would use pots and buckets as drums and together with his friends, he would make banjos from tins and strings. 

His passion for music would continue to grow as he grew up and he formed several groups along the way including Natty Boys, Hot Kays, and Attic B. 

Throughout his school years, B’Flow used to perform at school events, and while performing at Sacred Heart Parish in 2004, his talent caught the eye of Ignatius Chongwe who decided to sponsor his professional career.

In 2009, B’Flow released his debut album Mpu Mpu Mpu which was well-received and earned him a nomination for Best New Artist at the Zambia Ngoma Awards, ushering him into a world of fame.

Since launching his music career, B’Flow has released five studio albums, won multiple awards, worked with some big names in the industry, performed on some of the biggest platforms and shared the stage with some big international stars including P-Square, Jah Cure, Oliver Mtukuzi, and Brick n’ Lace. 

In 2015, the former president of the USA- Barack Obama gave a special shoutout to B’Flow when delivering a speech in Washington D.C during the 2015 Mandela Leadership Fellows. 

Besides the recognition, awards and fame, the musician who is known to use his music to advocate for social justice, has also made money from his music and this money is the main benefactor of B’Flow’s net worth.

B’Flow’s endorsements

B'Flow, source: Facebook

Besides his music, B’Flow’s net worth has been amassed through his endorsement deals with brands, corporates, and local and international organizations.

Over the years, he has worked with the following organizations:

  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation

  • The Obama Foundation

  •  USAID-funded SHARe II

  • National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council

  • Nivea

B’Flow’s house and cars

B’Flow’s net worth affords him a comfortable life and he can easily afford to live in a good house and drive expensive cars.

He is however a very private person and he rarely ever posts pictures of his house or cars online.

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