Chanda Mbao's Net Worth, Music Career, And Businesses

Music and business go together

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Chanda Mbao
Carl Chanda Mbao is a young Zambian rapper who has been blessing us with good music ever since he officially launched his career about a decade ago.

Known for his clever lyrics and great beats, Chanda Mbao has earned a soft spot in his fans’ hearts, worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, earned accolades and made money from his talent.

Here is a look at Chanda Mbao’s net worth, his background and music career, as well as his career in the private sector.

Chanda Mbao’s net worth

According to several online sources, Chanda Mbao’s net worth is estimated to be about K400,000. He has accumulated this wealth from his work as a musician and his earlier career in the finance sector.

Chanda Mbao’s music career

Chanda Mbao, source: Facebook

Chanda Mbao’s background is a little different from that of most local artists who grew up in small local towns before taking the stage and making big names for themselves.

The rapper’s journey began in Jamaica and the United States where he began his education. At a tender age of nine, Chanda Mbao decided that he wanted to be a rapper and followed up with his dream. He briefly returned to Zambia to finish his secondary education. 

After completing high school, Chanda Mbao moved to Spain for two years where he launched his music career. He had his first stage performance, his first mixtape and his first professional studio session while in Spain.

He then moved on to the US at the University of Miami to study Economics and International Studies. He got a lot of inspiration from East Coast legends including Nas whom he considered as his favourite MC.

In 2013, Chanda Mbao released his debut mixtape titled Desiderata when he was 24 years old. It had songs like Summer in Brazil, Open My Eyes, Live On, The Fresh Prince of Zambia and The Girl from Yesterday.

He released his debut album in 2017 called The Patriot and went on to produce two more albums in 2021 titled Silk Sheets & Whipped Cream and One Nation Project.

Chanda Kay has also released a good number of singles including Runway Girlfriend, Kwati Nashikaba, OK, Who, President, and Zombies which were all solo projects.

He has also worked with some big names in the industry- both locally and internationally including Scott on hits such as Selfish, Wave, and Everytime. He has also worked with Kaladoshas, SLAP DEE, Rich Bizzy, and Jay Rox, among others.

Chanda Kay has also worked with international stars including Da L.E.S from South Africa and Laylizzy from Mozambique. The video of their hit song- The Bigger Wave which also featured Scott, was successfully premiered on Trace Africa.

Along with making his name known and earning genuine fans who enjoy his music, Chanda Kay’s ingenuity in music has been rewarded with awards. In 2017, he won a CBC Television Choice Hip-Hop Video of the Year for his hit song- Selfish. In 2019, he earned two nominations for Best International Achievement and Best Hip-Hop Song at the Kwacha Awards.

The money he has earned from his live performances and sales of his albums have helped to build up Chanda Kay’s net worth.

Chanda Mbao’s career in the private sector

Chanda Mbao, source: Facebook

Besides his music, Chanda Mbao’s net worth has also benefited from his career in the private sector and as a businessman.

After graduating from the university, the Selfish hitmaker worked as an investment banker operating out of Miami. 

Following his return to Zambia in 2014, Chanda Mbao took an interest in corporate strategy and began building his own investment company with interests in the real estate, energy and agriculture sectors.
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