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Jordan Katembula
Jordan Katembula, popularly known as JK is among the pioneers of R&B music in Zambia. He is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and music producer who has solidified his grip in the industry as one of those artists whose popularity cuts across the country.

Along with gaining popularity for his music, Jordan Katembula has also made important connections with the big fish in the country including former president Edgar Lungu and also made money from his talent.

Here is a look at Jordan Katembula’s house that made headlines in 2019. We will also let you in on the musician’s background and how he has been able to succeed in his musical journey.

Jordan Katembula’s house

Jordan Katembula's house, source: Koswe

In 2019, it was reported that Jordan Katembula’s house was almost complete and the musician would be moving into it in no time.

The house reportedly cost about 2.3 million Kwacha of taxpayers' money given that it was a gift from the PF government to the musician for his 2016 elections campaign song Dununa reverse which was a winner song.

Jordan Katembula's house, source: Koswe

Details about the location of Jordan Katembula’s house are unavailable and the features of the house have also not been provided since JK is a very private person when it comes to matters about his personal life

From the limited photos of the mansion that have been provided, we know for sure that it is a stately double-storey house that sits on a spacious compound that is surrounded by a high fence.

Jordan Katembula’s background

JK, source: Facebook

JK was born in 1978 in Ndola. He attended Chilengwa Basic School in Ndola for his junior school and Lubuto Secondary School for his secondary education.

From as early as the age of eight years, JK knew that he wanted to be a musician, an ambition that he would follow up through adulthood.

Katembula officially kickstarted his musical career in 1997 after recording his demo with a band called the Ukwa band in a savoy hotel in Ndola.

Shortly after that, he relocated to the capital- Lusaka to search for greener pastures. It wasn’t long before he crossed paths with rapper MC Wabwino and was featured in his album titled Yamene.

In 1999, Jordan Katembula joined a musical group called New Age where he was the lead vocalist. He stayed with the group until 2000 when he decided to launch his solo career.

After some serious hard work, Jordan Katembula released his debut album in 2001 titled JK after himself. The album was a great success and helped him secure a Ngoma award in 2002 and a KORA nomination. He became a well-known name in Zambia and abroad as he performed in South Africa and London too, besides Zambia.

JK released his second album in 2003 titled Helena. In this 14-track album, JK featured some famous international musicians including the late Oliver Mutukudzi from Zimbabwe and South Africa’s Hugh Masekela.

In 2006, JK released his third album Balapembela, followed by Akapilipili in 2010. The video for one of the songs Kapilipili received airplay on MTV base and channel-O.

He released his fifth studio album in 2014 titled Telemundo Loving, his song by the same name received massive airplay on local television stations and even channel-O.

During the 2016 general elections, JK composed the popular Dununa reverse song that was used to campaign for PF. 

Thanks to the popularity of the song and PF’s win during that election, Jordan Katembula owns a beautiful mansion. Isn’t politics a sweet game?

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