Check Out Kayombo's Net Worth And How He Makes His Money

All hail King Kayo

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Regarded as the King of dancehall in Zambia, Kayombo also known as King Kayo is a gifted musician who has been blessing his fans with good music over the years.

But being a musician is not all there is to Kayombo who also dabbles as a shrewd businessman with several investments to his name.

Here is a look at Kayombo’s net worth, his music career as well as his multiple businesses that have contributed to his impressive wealth and helped him secure a spot among the top richest musicians in Zambia.

What is Kayombo’s net worth?

According to several online sources, Kayombo’s net worth is estimated to be between K900,000 and K 1 million.

He has accumulated this impressive net worth from his work in the music industry together with the profits he makes from his chains of business.

Kayombo’s music career

King Kayo, source: Instagram

Kayombo has been in the music industry for years now and he has solidified his position as one of the best dancehall artists in Zambia.

The musician who is signed by Kalandanya Music Promotions appeals to the young generation with his energetic beats and lyrics that convey subjects of love, romance and passion.

Over the years, he has released some great hits including Magnetic Force which is one of his biggest hits to date, Do You Right and I Don’t Know.

In 2020, he collaborated with other top musicians in Zambia including Jemax, J cash, JK, Kay Figo, Richy Bizzy, Ruff Kid, Mujomba, Zakado, Jazboy, Wille,  Judy, Y Celeb, Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boys and Kekero to release the COVID-19 awareness hit song- Mask Fye "Covid-19".

After going missing in action for some time, Kayombo returned to the music industry in 2021 with a big self-titled hit song called Kayombo which ushered him back to the scenes.

Besides being a singer and songwriter, Kayombo is also a show host on a podcast called Soulstice Sounds.

It goes without saying that his music has had a positive impact on Kayombo’s net worth as well as helped build his popularity with his fans.

King Kayo’s businesses

King Kayo, source: Instagram

Besides his music, Kayombo’s net worth has also been accumulated through his thriving business empire. The musician clearly has a sharp business mind and the ability to identify business opportunities.

He has invested in the hotel industry and owns an executive lodge called Kayo Lodge which reportedly brings in about $1,000 annually in revenues.

King Kayo also runs a taxi business in Lusaka city where he has a fleet of cars in operation. He reportedly turned his Range Rover into a taxi in 2013.

In addition to that, Kayondo also reportedly runs a chain of stores in Lusaka that deals in exports and imports. 
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