Chef 187's House And Cars - A Look Into His Lavish Life


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Rapper, songwriter and hip hop trailblazer Kondwani Alias Kaira better known by his stage name Chef 187 is undoubtedly one of the most influential and sought after musicians we have in Zambia. Born in the small Zambian town of Luanshya, Chef 187 comes from a family that is deeply rooted in the music industry. He has two other siblings who also happen to be musicians with Macky 2 being the most prominent.

Kondwani began his rapping career by participating in rap battles after he cleared his grade 12 studies. That is when he came up with the moniker Chef 187 that is a play on words and has two different meanings, first meaning ‘to kill, cook and serve’ and the second meaning is ‘music is like food’. 

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

The rapper has had a booming career and his lifestyle speaks to his success and the artist currently sits as one of the highest earning musicians in Zambia. Let’s take a look at Chef 187 house and cars so we can understand just how fat his bank account is.

Chef 187 House 

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

The rapper has grown up and lived in four different cities across the country. Chef 187 was born and raised in Luanshya but has also spent a few of his years in Chingola, Lusaka and Ndola before settling in the mineral rich province. He now lives in a mansion in one of the posh suburbs of the Copperbelt.

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

Although he keeps his personal life away from the limelight majority of the time, Chef 187 shares the house with his wife Yolanda Kaira. The couple dated six years before tying the knot in an intimate but lavish ceremony in 2020.

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

Chef 187 Cars

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

By virtue of his lifestyle as a rapper and looking at how much the artist makes, it is no surprise that Chef 187 is always riding in style. Chef 187’s cars are nothing short of spectacular and some of the mean machines he has been spotted in include the Audi A5, a BMW and the Benz 2019 model.

Picture source: @chef187kopala

Chef 187 Net Worth

The artist has worked hard over the years to perfect his craft and expand into various business and entrepreneurial endeavors. His efforts and hard work were rewarded, because according to multiple sources such as Forbes and IMDb, Chef 187's net worth is currently estimated to be 1.5 million USD.

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

With this healthy figure, the rap artist can confidently claim his position as one of the top earning musicians in the country.

Chef 187 Collaborations And Awards

As one of the finest new school rappers in Zambia, Chef 187 has really established a name for himself in the music and entertainment industry. The lyricist currently sits as the Zambian rapper with the highest number of collaborations.He has collaborated with international heavyweights such as Esther Chungu, P Square and Skales. 

Picture source: @chef187kopala Instagram

The rapper also has a long list of awards to his name, some include:

  • 2015 - Mainstream Album Award - Heart of a Lion
  • 2015 - Best Hip Hop Album - Heart of a Lion
  • 2015 - Best Mainstream Male Artiste award - Chef 187
  • 2015 - Best Collaboration - "Kumalila Ngoma" (Chef 187 ft. Afunika)

Chef 187’s house, cars and net worth are all a testament to the hard work he has invested into his craft and the soft lifestyle that comes with it.

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