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Chef 187, Chef 187

Kondwani Kaira, aka Chef 187 is one of the most popular hip hop musicians in Zambia whose lyrical and rapping abilities have won him millions of fans and earned him millions of kwachas.

Following in his older brother’s footsteps, Chef 187 who is the younger brother of Zambia’s currently biggest and richest rapper- Macky 2, is also quickly and steadily climbing the ladders of success.

In this article, we take a look at Chef 187’s net worth, his sources of wealth, and how he is spending his money.

What is Chef 187’s net worth?

Chef 187, source: Instagram

According to, Chef 187’s net worth is currently estimated at between $1 to $5 million which is roughly equivalent to between  K17,430,460 - K86,900,000.

He has accumulated this incredible wealth through his success as a musician and businessman. Here is how these ventures have helped to build Chef 187’s net worth.

Chef 187’s music

Chef 187 on stage, source: Instagram

From a very young age, Chef 187 loved music but only considered pursuing it after he saw his elder brother succeed at music.

He got signed by Alpha Entertainments: Nexus Music and in 2005, he released his first song, and since then he has been killing, cooking and serving seriously hot hits.

Since officially launching his music career, Chef 187 has released five albums including Amnesia and Bon Appetit which was released in 2019.

He has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Macky 2, P Jay, Mr P of the famous Nigerian duo P Square, and Skales from Nigeria.

His rapping abilities have earned him multiple awards over the years including a Best Mainstream Male Artiste award, Best Hip Hop Album and Mainstream Album Award.

Through the sales of his albums, his live performance fees, as well as the royalties and license that he gets paid for his music, Chef 187’s bank accounts have been fattened.

Chef 187 endorsements

Besides making money from his music, Chef 187 has also made an incredible fortune from his partnerships with big corporations as their brand ambassador.

Some of the brands that Chef 187 has represented in the past or currently represents  include the following:

  • Coca Cola

  • Shop-rite

  • Hungry Lion

  • Pro-Flight

  • Bet Winner

While these brands have benefited from being marketed by one of the biggest names in the country, Chef 187’s net worth has been built on the endorsement deals.

Chef 187 cars

Chef 187, source: Instagram

While Chef 187 enjoys making money, he also loves spending it and one of his favourite ways of gifting himself is by buying fast cars.

Some of the luxury cars that the Wala Wala hitmaker drives include an Audi A5, a Mercedes Benz 2019 and a BMW.

Chef 187 house

Along with driving expensive cars, Chef 187 also lives in a beautiful mansion in one of the leafy suburbs of the Copperbelt region.

The rapper has not shared a lot of pictures of his house and he has not revealed the amount of money it cost him, but from the few pictures we have seen, we can confidently conclude that it must have cost him a good fortune.

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