Famous Witch Doctors In Zambia

Their charms never disappoint!

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Zambia is known for its rich historical culture and for her famous witch doctors who have inhabited the lands for generations. Traditional healers are the most frequent source of treatment and health care in the villages.

Traditional healers or ngan’ga are easy to find in Zambia,  it is also easier to find the ultimate masters of wizardry. The practice is referred to as ‘ Mutumwa Nchimi’. 

In this article, we take a look at the most famous witch doctors in Zambia.

Simon Nyoni

Simon Nyoni is well known by Zambians as well as across central and east Africa for his exceptional traditional health practice.  He believes that natural remedies found in our environments are the most effective and recommended form of treatment. Though he acknowledges conventional medicine, he seeks to educate and display the power of traditional herbs.

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He has worked with other famous herbalists such as Samuel Muriisa from Uganda who conducts diagnoses by Horn. He is now the director of information at the Traditional Health Practitioners Association. (THPAZ) and has been on the front line in the case for recognition of traditional healing at the national level 

Dr. Wilson Mgwagweni

Wilson was a famous witch doctor who hailed from the shores of the great Lake Tanganyika. The people from the lake have myths and legendary perceptions that the deep lake holds spiritual darkness. Wilson was born into a family of skilled witch doctors who were not only herbalists but masters of the dark art of witchcraft. 

Consider Wilson the ‘Harry Potter’ of modern Zambia for he began having visions at 11 years of age, he excelled in the craft and was able to achieve spiritual enlightenment. As he went deeper, the dark forces began tormenting him and leading into tragedy and illness. The series of atrocities that took place forces him to give up his power by burning his charms and transforming to a life of solitude and prayer. 

Dr. Chisasaika

Another name on the list of famous witch doctors from Zambia is herbalist Dr Chisasaika, who boasts to have the most powerful love spell as well as healing potions. He is quite active on social media and is always open for business.

If you are ever in doubt that your lover really loves you, kindly visit Chisasaika and he will make certain of your partner’s undying love. He treats a variety of illnesses, including blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and the most common, ‘affairs of the heart’.

Picture source: @traditionalhealersangoma Instagram

Zambia is a culturally rich country, witch doctors and effective herbalists are spread out across the country, the Lozi people of Kalabo are true charm users and use basic household items and animal parts as their charms. 

The practice is synthetically instilled across all generations and the traditional medicine culture is now gaining external recognition from western countries as well. Traditional healers are now finding their place in modern medicine. 

Masters of the dark arts have long been condemned by society but it has thrived for centuries and with good reason, there has to be a balance in the forces of nature.

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