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Zambia Gospel singer, Franciar, has taken to her social media to share some words of wisdom with her followers about how they could start afresh. Understanding that 2020 was the absolute pits, the singer offered her opinion on how 2021 could have a significant turnaround, purely based on the changing of your mind-set.  

According to Franciar, she believes that the worse thing a person can do is constantly look at their past when they are trying to look forward to the future. She insisted that her followers discard any negativity that has gone on at any point during their lives and look positively to the future.

She stated, “You want to move on in life and start afresh? The open a new book and start a new chapter but you cannot start the next chapter of your life and focus on it if you keep re-reading the last chapter, close the past, close the mistakes, close every baggage n throw it in a trash-can, only then can you have a new beginning, the minute you reopen a closed chapter, you begin to compare n you dwell in it, you never progress that way.” 

Franciar one of the most popular musicians in Zambia whose songs transcend the Gospel sector and even encroach into mainstream music. She was made very popular by her hit song Umutokofyompo and is celebrated by Zambians who appreciate her traditional music.

In November 2020, Franciar shared a motivational message that had her fans recognizing her as one of the most wide members of the industry. She stated, "We go through hard times and question God a lot, the most common question is "Lord, Why me"? we are never ready to understand the "Why" currently n most cases we even get betrayed by the pipo we thought were so dear to us, not realizing that God will use certain pipo to deliberately hurt you in order to move you to where he planned for u to be, they are all part of that process so count it all joy, notice that we always get to understand the "why" in future when God finally shows us why he allowed all that pain the past, why he allowed you to suffer for others, why he allowed people to step on you n use you but all in his name n in his time, God shows us his Glory, there's light at the end of the tunnel #TrusttheProcess
don't let the darkness determine your future, don't you give up, Hold on, the answer is ahead of you, keep going till you find the light."

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