James Ndambo Biography : Early Life, Education, Family, Net Worth And Philanthropy

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James Ndambo, James Ndambo biography
Born in Zambia on 18th April 1954, James Ndambo is a Zambian business mogul and philanthropist. He is the owner of African Union Holdings which is an Investment company, focusing on wealth creation for its shareholders and stakeholders.

Its business units comprise the following: Africa Union Commodity House, Africa Union Financial Services, Africa Union Commercial Investments, Africa Union Cargo, African Union Distributors, Africa Union Mining Corporation, Africa Union Technologies, Africa Union Transport, Africa Union Public Works and Africa Union Health.

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James Ndambo's early life

James Ndambo, source: zambian observer

James Ndambo’s early life is quite unknown and he tries to keep his private life very private. He was born in a village in Choma known as Kamunzi. He was born into a very humble and highly spiritual family. 

His father, George Henwood Mkandawire, allegedly born in Mzimba Nyasaland, modern Malawi, was a shoemaker and an Apostle. He worked closely with missionaries and became one of the first people to bring the New Apostolic Church as a denomination to Zambia. This explains why Me Ndambo has always been involved in a lot of church projects over the years.

James Ndambo family

There is little to no mention of his mother, siblings or other close relatives anywhere but we will update you once we have more information on that. There is also no information available about his wife and children cementing the view that he likes his private life absolutely private.

He apparently moved to South Africa because of the economic frustrations he got from Zambian authorities. He allegedly felt he could not grow to what he had envisioned for himself had he been stuck in Zambia.

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James Ndambo's educational background

James Ndambo, source: zambian eye

Not much is known about James Ndambo's early education life or even when and where he had his higher education.

He however seems to have had some quality education and has always been a big champion of quality education for his people. Among his other philanthropic activities, he sponsors bright students to study abroad for their higher education.

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James Ndambo net worth

Although he is definitely a million-dollar multi-millionaire, the exact numbers of James Ndambo's net worth are yet to be established.

From all the assets he owns under his companies and the deals he has made recently venturing into the Democratic Republic of Congo, he sure has amassed a lot of wealth making him one of the richest Zambians.

He is also reported to be interested in venturing into the luxurious private jet business highlighting just how wealthy he has gotten over the years.

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James Ndambo philanthropy

James Ndambo, source: zambian observer

James Ndambo is the founder of a non-governmental organization known as ‘My Home Town’(MHT) based in his hometown of Choma. The NGO is concerned with uplifting the welfare of its members which brings together people with common ideals and values. 

While Mr Ndambo is a business tycoon based in South Africa, he has always had concern for his birthplace, Choma town and that is why he decided to form the NGO. With it, he tries to encourage the members to try and look out for themselves instead of always waiting for the government for development projects. 

What he has done especially for his hometown of Choma is arguably more than their political leaders have. Over the years, he has personally contributed to a lot of socio-economic development projects in the region including road construction and even gifting cars to the police. He’s been able to do all these without the state’s resources or support.

Some have been left to wonder if he has a political end goal in philanthropic activities. For this reason, many associate him with either running for the highest office in Zambia or becoming the Kingmaker. It remains to be seen which role he will play with indications pointing to him shaping the political landscape in Zambia to some extent.

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