Jordan Katembula's Net Worth - Is He The Richest Musician In Zambia?

A talented musician with a sharp business mind

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Jordan Katembula
Born in Ndola City in 1978, Jordan Katembula who is also known as JK is an award-winning Zambian artist and businessman who is reaping big from his talent, hard work and strategic connections.

Here is a look at Jordan Katembula’s net worth, his music career and businesses that have contributed to his incredible wealth.

What is Jordan Katembula’s net worth?

According to several online sources, Jordan Katembula’s net worth is estimated to be about $79,000 and he is one of the most successful musicians in the country.

Jordan Katembula music career

Jordan Katembula, source: Facebook

Jordan Katembula’s net worth has been contributed mostly from his successful career in the music industry.

He began his musical career in 1997, when he recorded a demo with the Ukwa band in a savoy hotel in Ndola.

Soon after, he moved to the capital, Lusaka, in search of greener pastures. It wasn't long before he met rapper MC Wabwino and was featured on his debut album, Yamene. He became the lead vocalist for the musical group New Age in 1999. He stayed with the band until 2000, when he decided to go solo.

In 2001, Jordan Katembula released his debut album, JK. The album was a huge success, earning him a Ngoma award and a KORA nomination in 2002. Following the success of his debut album, Katembula became a household name in Zambia and beyond after performing in South Africa and London, in addition to Zambia.

Katembula released his second album, Helena, in 2003 and worked with some well-known international musicians on this 14-track album, including the late Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela from South Africa.

JK released his third album, Balapembela, in 2006, followed by Akapilipili in 2010. The video for one of the songs, Kapilipili, did so well and was aired on MTV base and channel O. In 2014, he released his fifth studio album, Telemundo Loving, and his song of the same name received extensive airplay on local television stations and even channel-O.

During the 2016 general elections, Katembula composed the popular Dununa Reverse song which was used to campaign for PF during the 2016 general election. Following Edgar Lungu’s and PF’s win during the elections, Katembula was rewarded handsomely with a beautiful house that reportedly cost about 2.3 million Kwacha and its construction was completed in 2019. 

Jordan Katembula businesses

Besides his music, Jordan Katembula has also made a fortune from investing in smart business ideas. 

He is the owner and CEO of a marketing enterprise called Jordan Marketing and a construction company called Tolamo Construction.

Jordan Katembula controversy

Jordan Katembula, source: Facebook

In December 2019, Jordan Katembula (JK) and fellow musician Wilson Lungu, aka Wile, were charged with forgery and cheating after allegedly selling a fake plot in Lusaka's Chudleigh area for K300,000.

The two artists allegedly acted as real estate agents, approaching a Chinese man and offering him land for sale. They were paid K60,000 upon signing a contract of sale by the man who expressed interest in purchasing it and they further received K240,000 after delivering the title deed which was signed by the Commissioner of Lands and Surveillance General. 

It was later discovered that the title deed was fake and that the “sold” land was not even physically available.
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