Check Out Macky 2's House And Cars

This is what big balling looks like

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Macky 2
Mulaza Kaira, better known by his stage name- Macky 2, is undoubtedly one of the most talented and successful musicians in Zambia. 

The rapper who was born 38 years ago in Luanshya, Zambia, decided to leave his home and move to Lusaka to follow his dream of becoming a musician and it paid off.

Not only is Macky 2 a celebrated artist, but he also made a fortune from his career in the music industry and can afford to live like a superstar.

Here is a look at Macky 2’s house and cars that will inspire you to chase your dreams like he did.

Macky 2’s house

Macky 2's house, source: Facebook

Although he is clearly not one to show off his property, a couple of years ago a few photos of Macky 2’s house emerged online and from the photos, the house looks magnificent.

It’s a beautiful stately house that sits in a well-secured fully tiled compound. Although photos of the interiors of Macky 2’s house are unavailable, we can draw the conclusion that the gifted musician has a great design taste. The compound has some beautiful palm trees and flowers that give it a beautiful aesthetic.

Details about the exact location of the house, its cost as well as when Macky 2 purchased it have not been provided.

Macky 2 cars

Macky 2's car, source: Facebook

Alongside his beautiful house, Macky 2 who has an appetite for sleek cars, owns several luxurious cars.

Some of the machines that Macky 2 owns include a BMW, Land cruiser, Audi A6, and Hummer. He also reportedly owns a vintage Mercedes Benz and a Rolls Royce.

What is Macky 2’s net worth?

Macky 2 can afford to live in the house of his dreams and drive expensive cars thanks to his impressive net worth.

Several online sources including Forbes and IMDB estimate Macky 2’s net worth to be about 5 million Kwacha. This net worth places him as the richest musician in Zambia.

Macky 2’s journey in the music industry

Macky 2's car, source: Facebook

From a young age, Macky 2 had a deep interest in music. This interest continued to grow as he grew up and in 2011, he officially launched his music career after travelling to Lusaka.

Macky 2 released his debut album- Ndimupondo under the Digital X label with Alpha Entertainment and J-Kayo shortly after moving to Lusaka. The album performed well and a few of its songs received massive airplay on the radio. The success of his first album introduced him to the music industry and helped him to lay a foundation for his future work.

Since launching his music career, Macky 2 has released a total of five studio albums. He has won prestigious awards, performed on big international stages and collaborated with some of the biggest names both in Zambia and abroad, including South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest.

Having built his brand and reputation to a point where he is considered one of the most popular musicians in Zambia, Macky 2 is also among the most expensive artists to book in the country. 
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