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Macky 2, DJ Bugar or Flava Boy is undoubtedly one of the most influential and trailblazing musicians we have in Zambia. Kaira was born in the small town of Luanshya and has two siblings Kondwani (brother) and Towela (sister) who are also part of the music industry however he is the most successful of the three. Although he has always loved music, Macky 2 began to take his career seriously in 2011 and his efforts paid off and continue to pay off as the artist comfortably stands as one of the highest paid musicians in the country.

Let’s take a look at Macky 2’s net worth and everything that has contributed to his healthy fat bank account. 

What is Macky 2’s Net Worth?

Over the years the artist has worked hard to perfect his craft and spread his wings into different business and entrepreneurial ventures. His effort and hard work proved worthwhile and currently, according to various online sources such as Forbes and IMDb Macky 2’s net worth sits somewhere between an estimated 1 - 5 million Kwacha. With this figure, the lyricists comfortably claims a position as one of the highest paid musicians in the country.

Picture source: @macky2kopala Instagram

How does Macy 2 Make His Money?

Often described as a multifaceted artist, Macky 2’s net worth continues to grow from his different streams of income. Let's take a closer look at every one of his various revenue streams.

The bulk of Macky 2’s net worth comes from his music. As a performing artist, Macky 2 charges nothing less than K8,000 per show or per appearance, and being one of the most sought after artists in the country so he stays fully booked. In addition to his amazing performances, Macky 2 stacks up his cheques by earning from the YouTube views he receives on his songs as well as the royalties and licensing fees for all his music.

Songwriter and Music Producer
Music is clearly his first love and in addition to putting out bangers for us to enjoy, Macky 2 also writes songs and produces them for other various artists, at a fee of course.

Picture source: @macky2kopola Instagram

As Macky 2’s net worth continues to grow, the musician ensures that he gives back to the community around him. The Zambian king of music owns and runs a foundation called the Macky 2 Foundation that provides support and assistance to the less fortunate and vulnerable members of society.

Big Brother
A few years after he released his first album, the rapper joined Big Brother S9 as a contestant. This move increased his fanbase not only in Zambia but across Africa, unfortunately he did not win but came in 3rd place and walked away with a healthier bank account.

Picture source: @macky2kopala Instagram

Macky 2’s Awards & Nominations

In addition to his different entrepreneurial endeavors, another contribution to Macky 2’s net worth are the various awards and nominations the artist has received over the years. Below is a list of them

2011 Radio 4 song of the year Born n Bred Awards- Mami (niuze) 
2013 Album of the year Zambian Music Awards – Legendary
2015 Song of the year Zambia Music Awards Mama Rebecca
2016 Collabo of the year ZambiaMusic.Net Awards Lolo Lolo

Picture source: @macky2kopala Instagram

Macky 2’s net worth is definitely a testament to his hard work and commitment to his craft. He constantly encourages his fans to live and try things outside of their comfort zone in order to grow.

Throughout his career, he has continuously always acknowledged the love and support he has received from his fans and gives the same support to fellow artists in the industry.

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