OC Osilliation Hangs With Jidenna

Nigeria meets Zambia

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The Zambian sensation, better known as OC Osilliation is a recording artist and producer from Lusaka, Zambia. Born Siame O'Brien, in 1984, he is the current CEO of Obama Records and Entertainment and he has produced many records under that stable including singles.

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The 36-year-old worked very hard to be where he is today and he's never looked back ever since he decided to pursue his passion for music, which he has had since he was young. Many of his top-selling singles are well-known in the country and have made him a household name in Zambia, he currently resides in Atlanta, USA.

Recently, the OC was seen chilling with friend and fellow musician Jidenna who is also based in the United States of America. The two were seen enjoying some drinks with another unknown friend.

Good night mwe bakwishilya.. don’t forget to check out the new single - Hold my hand - Now Out !!

Posted by OC Osilliation on Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Jidenna Mobisson first came to fame in 2015 with his hit song Classic Man, which gained worldwide popularity and finally saw his break-through in the entertainment industry. Although he is of Nigerian descent, he has lived and grew up in America most of his life.

OC Osillation fans loved that he was mingling with well-known superstars, and expressed how arrogant Zambian-based stars were too arrogant to do the same.

"These people are friendly they are not like bena Zambia who when they earn coins feel like they've made it and become big headed
Big up oc that's the spirit muntu wandi"

"Stop pulling this artist down he is trying to put Zambia on the map ..but same Zambians awe mwandi kuwayawafye"

"Which year was this? Or is it photo shop? Were are the masks? Wat has happened to avoid gatherings, social distancing, masks. Anyway kaya mwe!"

"Eish oc....whats that you're wearing??? That's a bad combination of clothes with my ex boyfriend jidenna...he even looks more clean and handsome than ever I will definitely get back with him lol"

OC Osillation also made it a point to promote his new single, Hold My Hand, which we know for a fact will be another hit, if OC's record of making hits is anything to go by.

"Good night mwe bakwishilya..
don’t forget to check out the new single
 - Hold my hand - Now Out !!"

These are just some of his awards that he has won in the past.

2008 - Best Raggae "Wacha Wachema" ft Petersen' at the Born And Bred Award (Won)
2012 - Best Collaborative 'Last Forever' at the Born and Bred Awards (Won)
2014 - Best Album at the Zambia Music Awards (Nominated)

We can't wait to hear the single, what do you think of the single, have you heard it already?

Main Image Credit: Youth Village Zambia
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