Will Roberto Be At Ginimbi's All-White Funeral

They were good friends

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Many celebrities and fans will descend on Domboshava this weekend, for the funeral of late businessman and socialite Genius Ginimbi Kudungere at his mansion. His brother, who is the designated family spokesperson has said that the socialite wanted a big and opulent funeral, reflective of his life while still alive.

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Roberto, who was friends with the socialite was heartbroken a few days ago when he learned of his death and struggled to come to terms with the tragic news. He shared a post on Instagram.

"Woke up to the saddest news. πŸ˜” RIP @ginimbi This is truly tragic. These roads we drive on πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”"

Ginimbi's eldest sister, Juliet Kudngere confirmed what her brother has requested in the vent that he ever dies. Ginimbi wanted a well-planned funeral, where guests get to wear all-white and the family can also have time to prepare for an extravaganza to celebrate his life.

"Genius was a fun-loving character. He always reminded us about how he wanted his funeral to be conducted. In fact, he had a plan and always said β€œndiri big. Take time, planning for it. Check my requirements well and one of the things is that I want everyone who will be at my funeral to be dressed in all white, no matter who. Please, make sure you emphasise that, remember, I am an all-white guy. The all-white should be on the day of burial.”

β€œHe would say, make sure you get in touch with my other friends abroad and wait for them to come. That is why we are saying for now the funeral will begin on Thursday and for now people are gathered at our father’s residence which is 400 metres away from Ginimbi’s mansion. We have set up a tent because there are lots of people coming from all walks of life and we could not accommodate them at the mansion.”

Previously thought to be held at the mansion premises, the funeral now will be held around the mansion, closer to Ginimbi's father's house because of the high number of attendees expected on the day of Ginimbi's funeral. There will be separate tents for friends and fans, then another tent for VIP guests so as to ensure that everyone is accommodated, away from the mansion premises. There have already been reports of theft at the premises and Juliet provisioned the tents to ensure that theft is prevented by opportunists who have already tried to steal chairs at the late businessmans mansion.

Ginimbi also owned a security company that is headed up by CEO Dr Peter Gwaza, who he was highly alert of people who were coming with the intention of stealing Ginimbi’s property.


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