Roberto Gives Tough Love To Up-coming Artists

He is tired of the moaning and groaning

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Regarded as one of the most successful artists in the country, Roberto has achieved a lot over the years he's achieved much success not only in Zambia but right across the African continent. Roberto AKA Superstar regards music as a tool for sharing positive messages and help build a community., he feels that the Zambian music industry can only thrive if artists work together.

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Superstar decided to give some unsolicited advice to the young up-and-coming artists in the country, this after he seemed quite annoyed by their recent actions.

"NOTE TO ALL UPCOMING ARTISTS. if someone renders some help appreciate it. I keep saying this. I WILL NEVER POST ALL OF YOU. So stop crying everyday. If I come across your work, I will try and help. But I CAN NOT HELP EVERYONE. 

REMEMBER THAT. Let's just keep working than crying."

It seems that he has had enough of being bombarded by their messages pleading with him to share their brands and work, the Superstar has been sharing and Tweeting fellow Zambians promotional messages in order to help them reach more people and take advantage of the free advertising.

What angered Roberto the most is the seemingly ungrateful response from some of his fans who feel entitled to his attention and have since been nagging him to do their work for them. Roberto managed to hustle hard to be where he is and he made sure to remind his fans that crying and whining doesn't bring any results. Despite him making it on his own, one can't ignore that his brother, David Banda is the one who inspired him to pursue music. David has always looked out for Roberto and giving him sound and solid advice about the music industry. Roberto listened to his brother, but he did not want to be known as General Ozzy’s brother, he wanted to make his own mark in the industry.

Just a few weeks ago, the superstar was elated when he shared that he will be featured on BBC Worldservice alongside the one and only Mariah Carrey, he shared this milestone on his Instagram page, being featured alongside some of the best international superstars was definitely something to celebrate. Roberto is the first Zambian artist to feature on the playlist. A list that includes huge names like Mariah Carrey, actor Samuel L Jackson and founding member of RZA Wu-Tang Clan.

Hopefully, if the young artists take his advice, they may one day reach his successful celebrity status.

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