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Catch him at the G-Greens

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With a total of 12 awards, three international and nine local, Roberto’s stardom is undeniable. The last born in a family of nine, Roberto was inspired to pursue music by his older brother David Banda, popularly known as General Ozzy. Today, the brothers co-own a record label called BrathaHood Music, together they are signing on artists such as Young Rico, Mandela, Kaufela. He is also a good friend of OC Osiliation and they often promote each other's music.

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Born and raised in Chipata, Roberto (real name Robert Banda), has achieved massive success across Africa and he usually performs around the continent throughout the year.

The music sensation shared that he will be performing for his much-loved fans tomorrow at G-Greens in Lusaka, Zambia.

"G-GREENS THIS FRIDAY 🌼  Been Looking forward to this event 🤩 💙  Shout out to @myride2020"

The entrance is free, so there will be no excuse to not see the talented artist perform live. This is a chance for those who rarely see him perform in the country because he is always performing in other countries. The globetrotters uplifting and community-building music has won the hearts of many Zambian hearts.

Roberto comes from a musical family, he entered the music industry at a young age when he was still living in Johannesburg

"I was very lucky to have early exposure to an advanced music industry in South Africa. Realising that nothing was going to be handed over to me for free in my career was a significant lesson that has impacted my work ethic and pursuit to be the best I can be. When your class position is number six, do you compete against number one or number ten?”

His brother showed him the ropes of the industry and how to succeed, his brother, the one and only General Ozzy has been in the game since 1996 and they now co-own a record label. The idea behind starting a record label was to cut through the red tape of the music industry. 

“We didn’t understand why there was so much red tape to give aspiring musicians a chance. BrathaHood Music is a platform that allows artists to shine in their own right without being tied to severe contracts,”

Ozzy Di General is a legendary dancehall, reggae and RnB artist who paved the way for many of the country's musicians, including his younger brother, who is now a success in the country and abroad.

We can't wait to see Roberto tomorrow, will you be there?

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