T-Sean Biography: Age, Early Life, Marriage, Career, Awards, Collaborations, Philanthropy

Talented artist fast becoming a Zambian legend.

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T-Sean has been part of Zambia’s music industry since releasing his first songs in 2010.

With award glory and using his platform for projects and initiatives close to his heart, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to talk about Zambia’s music industry and not mentioning T-Sean. 

This is his biography.

T-Sean Age

Sean Richard Mutenya was born in Zambia on 19 August. The exact year when he was born is not known to many.

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T-Sean Early Life

As a pupil at Daina Kaimba and Kushu High School, T-Sean showed an interest in music early on.

When he made a splash on the country’s music scene he was already comfortable using his stage name T-Sean.

T-Sean also revealed that his brother Desmond graduated from university.

T-Sean Marriage

In October 2018, social media was inundated with pictures from T-Sean’s bachelor party.

Although details of his wedding day weren’t released, fans sent their congratulatory messages when he married Sharai Shasha Mulanda, wishing the couple many happy years of love and happiness.

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T-Sean Career 

In 2010, T-Sean established himself as a reggae and dancehall artist. His first songs Wonder Why, which featured Feat B1, and Show Me Ya Swag which featured some of Zambia’s biggest artists Macky2, Cactus, Milz, Daxon, Camster and T.boy.

This was just the beginning of his musical collaborations with the dancehall artist T.boy (whose real name is Tamonya Nswaria). He wrote and performed songs that received major radio airplay and in 2011 he was nominated for a Born and Bred Award, for his song Sinizaibala.

In 2012, the two musicians would launched their own record label, Bizzy-Baila International. T-Sean released his first few songs under the record label K-Army, but didn't stay long and left the label.

In the same year he also wrote songs for Judy, Where You Are, and for T.boy the sing Woman of my Life. These songs were huge musical hits for the artists and also showed what a prolific songwriter T-Sean is. In 2012, he released his debut album Adamu.

Over the years, T-Sean said he found his musical inspiration from other artists like Morgan Heritage, Lyaz, Sean Paul and Busy Signal. His musical sound had been compared to Gyptian and Beenie Man.

When he released his second and third album, named 90 Days and Mu Mirror respectively, his fans revelled in the music. Some of his most popular songs include Lekelela Bokosi, Mulipo, Permanent, Daily Daily and Umuyo.

T-Sean once again showed of his rapping band singing skills on the tracks Adamu and Wonder Why, something his fans are very appreciative of.

T-Sean has always used his music as a platform for his social commentary, and with his sold-out performances across Zambia, his fans always know what’s on his mind and what issues he is championing for.

And his music has been recognised with several nominations and wins at the Born and Bred and Zambia Music Awards. He continues to keep releasing great music for his fans and in 2020 he revealed that he had dropped the single, 'I Love You' and 'Killer Love'.

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T-Sean Awards

His music has gained so much recognition not only in Zambia, but throughout the continent. Below is a list of some of his awards:

2014 - Best Dancehall Album at the Zambia Music Awards (Won)
2015 - Best R'n'B Video of the Year at the Born & Bred Awards (Won)
2015 - Best Dancehall Album at the Born & Bred Awards (Won)
2015 - Video of the Year at the Born & Bred Awards (Won)

T-Sean and T.boy Collaborations

T-Sean and T.boy started working together since the beginning of T-Sean’s career. The two dancehall artists collaborated on songs and launched their own record label, Bizzy-Baila International.

But their biggest collaboration was on the track Don’t lead me on. Their joint album One Day was very successful and helped see them make the lists of Zambia’s richest musicians.

The song was such a big hit and became even more successful with some of Zambia’s biggest brands, including MTN, Airtel and Cellz, using it in their advertising campaigns.

And it seems everything T-Sean and T.boy touched, turned into gold.

Under their record label they also had Baila Empire, which is their platform to help upcoming artists gain experience and introducing them to the music industry and how it works. They also had their own recording studio called HighGrade, and successfully launched their own clothing line Dweet and Dwet.

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T-Sean Philanthropy

Fans and the industry are well aware of how passionate T-Sean is about inequality and helping the underprivileged, just from listening to his music.

When he launched his Daddy Cares Initiative, T-Sean raised the bar and wanted to get as many people involved as possible, by doing good for those most in need.

Through this initiative, he hopes to improve the life, well-being and health of children and families, and offering them quality education. 

T-Sean announced that a portion of the sales from his third and fourth albums, named Comfort Zone and Faith respectively, would be donated to Zambia’s underprivileged children. This was his way of giving back to the community through music.

During this announcement, T-Sean reiterated to the industry and his fans how important the first few years of a child’s life his, and his commitment to the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals, which focuses on ending poverty and hunger; and ensuring a quality education for all.

T-Sean is well on his way to becoming a Zambian legend.

Through his music and passion projects, he is also making a difference where it matters.

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