Wezi Commemorates Human Right’s Day

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By  | Dec 10, 2020, 04:58 PM  | Top of The

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Zambian musician and humanitarian, Wezi, is a classic example of someone who has used her platform to continuously advocate for issues that affect her and the people of Zambia. Most recently she has stepped away from her role as a mainstream musician to focus on matters close to her heart, as seen in an Instagram post shared today, 10 December 2020. 

Wezi celebrated international human rights day today, by sharing what issues she would like to focus on as a Zambian woman. She also explained that she had met with an influential political lead who would hopefully hear the woes put forward by her, which concern Zambians as a whole. 

She stated, “In the week of human rights, the british high commissioner to Zambia, Nicholas Woolley, met Laura Miti & I as influential advocates for human rights in Zambia. We discussed the importance of tackling Gender based violence, injustice & inequalities here in Zambia. We live for the hope that better is possible if we all put in the work and use love to overcome all these existing social problems, this will be a better place to live.”

Wezi has been taking the 16 days of activism very seriously and has used her platform to showcase all that she been doing for her country. Wezi has been vocal on social media ever since the rise of GBV in Africa had increased significantly and has put the Zambian government on blast for their inability to help the people. In a post in October 2020, she stated, “There’s a cry for justice everywhere on the continent because it’s not just Zambia that’s bleeding! We know better is possible & that’s what we all must work towards, building a better Zambia and a better Africa! Let’s unite against injustice and inequality!”. 

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