Who Is The Richest Man In Zambia?

He is also the most powerful man in the country

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We all know that money rules the world. Having money gives you access to anything and everything that your heart wants and desires. Money also comes with a level of status and respect and more often than not the question that often pops us in conversation is who is the richest man in Zambia.

To satisfy your curiosity, this article will focus on answering that question, here is everything you need to know about the richest man in Zambia

Hakainde Hichilema is not your average joe. The farmer, businessman and politician, is not only the current President of the United Party for National Development but he is also the current 7th President of the Republic of Zambia.

He was born in a hamlet in the Monze District on June 4, 1962, and worked hard to make a name for himself. Here is his life story from childhood, education to presidency.

Hikaendi Hichilema's education

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After clearing his high school, Hakainde received a scholarship that allowed him to pursue his tertiary education at the University of Zambia where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration.

He decided to further his studies and went on to the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom to pursue an MBA in Finance and Business Strategy. His education definitely paid off as his business acumen led to him securing the spot as the richest man Zambia.

Businesses and net worth

Hakainde began accumulating his wealth from his endeavors as an entrepreneur and businessman. As one of the cattle farmers in the country, Hichileman has over 70 cattle ranches with over 700,000 animals and 100 farms to his name.

With farming, investments and politics the president currently sits as the richest man in Zambia with an estimated net worth of $395 million USD

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Hakainde's rise to politics

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In 2006, Hakainde stood for President against the incumbent, Levy Mwanawasa of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, but finished in 3rd place. This defeat did not deter him from his political ambitions.

In 2016, when Anderson Mazoka died, Hakainde was elected as the party’s next president-elect. He was also the leader of the United Democratic Alliance, a coalition of the three opposition parties.

He won the 2021 presidential election with more than 59% of the vote after running in five previous elections in 2006, 2008, 2011, 2015, and 2016.

Hakainde Hichilema's controversy

As a prominent figure, controversy is nothing new to the richest man in Zambia.

In 2017, Hakainde was detained on allegations of treason and attempted subversion of the government. He also publicly accused former president Edgar Lungu of trying to have him killed and during his time in prison, Hakainde he was held in solitary confinement for eight days and was severely tortured and kept without food, water, light or visitation.

Hichilema has also been accused of cutting himself off from his family and leaving them in abject poverty. He is also said to have sent his cousin to jail for theft.

The richest man in Zambia's wife and children 

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With his wife Mutinta, Hichilema has three children, Miyanda, Habwela, and Chikonka.

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